A healthy body means a healthy mind!

Ethno-wellness center "" invites you to the best sportclub in the town, where everyone can achieve great physical fitness and emotional comfort!
We offer accommodation area 400 m2, which includes:
Gym - professional equipped, where you can develop and train all the muscles and their teams. Under the guidance of our instructors and based on the recommendations of a nutritionist you will quickly feel the results of trainings.
The price of subscription includes the development of individual programs and support.
Fitness room - a spacious room for a sports dance, oriental arts, yoga, shaping, exercise therapy.
Rooms are equipped with the latest exercise equipment, tatami, ventilation and air conditioning systems, sound and visual media. There are changing rooms and showers besides.
On the basis of a comprehensive medical examination (a cardiologist, dietitian, immunologist, athletic trainer) and the guest wishes, we will develop an individual program of exercises, which will also include recommendations for diet and rest. During the training period monitoring of all indicators and the adjustment of loads is carried out. Also for a deeper understanding of the human body the training is held: human physiology, the relationship of disease to the lack of physical activity, the types of physical activities, psychology training, tempering, meals, baths (relaxation after load), the recommendations on the use of water (the problem of dehydration), the synchronization of different types of loads, chronic fatigue syndrome.

Ethno-wellness hotel ensures better health, greater stamina, stronger muscles, more beautiful shape and great spirits!