Курортний комплекс УнгварЪскій. Відпочинок у Закарпатті Курортний комплекс УнгварЪскій. Відпочинок у Закарпатті
Курортний комплекс УнгварЪскій. Відпочинок у Закарпатті

(N. Amosov)

When these words are said  by one of the greatest physicians, who left a remarkable trace in modern medicine, it is worth asking the question, what should we do?
We shouldn’t pay attention to these problem, you might tell, driving a prestigious foreign car... Maybe you are right, but ask another question, why buying a car, you strictly follow the rules of operation? You change oil, filters, fill the required fuel grade, regularly do a full cleaning, but about their own health, most of us think having got sick. Maybe the big house, a prestigious job, your car is more expensive than your own health? What does all this cost if you are seriously ill? Nothing, because the sick person can not fully enjoy all the benefits, his thoughts are filled with his own recovery.
Quality of life - this is the harmony of all components: physical condition, emotional balance, physical security. Try to throw out one of the items, what will remain?

What the health and rehabilitation center of resort complex "УнгварЪскій” applies in the work?
1. Knowledge of Human Physiology.
2. Balneotherapy (shower chair, whirlpool and carbonic baths, hydrotherapy, inhalatorium).
3. Kinesitherapy (athletic, static and dynamic load).
4. Diet (no restrictions, only the balance).
5. Ethno-bath complex (ethno-healing methods: immune stimulation, loads of cardio, tempering).
6. Psychotherapy (trigger consciousness mechanism and inner activity).
7. Phytocosmetology (natural complexes).
8. Speleotherapy.
9. Phytotherapy.
10. ART - therapy.
11. Honey therapy
12. CO2 - therapy.
13. Aromatherapy.
14. Winetherapy.

The main indicators for rehabilitation and treatment in health and rehabilitation center of the resort complex