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Health ethno-wellness center "

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The first in Ukraine and Transcarpathia, the health center "" is a unique complex combining the best traditions of our ancestors and modern experience in the healing and rehabilitation. In our health club, you really improve your physical and emotional health.
It's no secret that modern lifestyle - is the lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, alcohol and cigarettes, reducing stress and weakened immune system. All of these factors are the main reasons for many diseases. But it can and should be avoided! Medicine has proved that the best cure is not a pill, but good mood, active life and getting rid of bad habits!
In our Health Center at your disposal are ethno-bath complex, sportclub, Ungvarska" bath, balneological complex, and more for relaxation and healing. We offer you ready-designed, recreational complexes and revival procedures, or well develop a new individual program, taking into account the peculiarities of your body.

Welcome to Transcarpathia! Health and Rehabilitation Center " is waiting for you!

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